“I can add magic to your Wedding Photography” – Jatinder Tandon

Jatinder Tandon wedding photographer

Jatinder Tandon is a photographer from Punjab who believes that one can overcome any hardships if he/she trusts themselves. Hard work and smart work go in tandem says Jatinder. He is a self made photographer who gave his 23 years to photography. He told Bluetook Magazine about his journey and the lack of knowledge at the beginning of his career. Read more about him below.

1 . When and how did you start your journey?

I was actually a high schooler when I made up my mind about photography. I have given my twenty-three years to this business and am very proud of my decision. Just after high school, I began exploring the photography world and now it led me to this life.

2. Did you have any mentor or someone you idolize?

It was really early in the time for one to fully rely on photography as a bread earning profession. Wherever I am today, was all because of myself and my hard work. I did not have any guidance or help from any elderly figure in my life.

3 .What kind of photography are you passionate about?

My main focus is Wedding Photography and my whole business concentrates on weddings only. But recently we’ve branched out in pre-wedding shoots as well and luckily we’ve been able to shoot outside of the city too.

4. How has your journey been in the photography world?

Just like everyone else, I faced some challenges too. Of course, it was difficult in the beginning but I’m past that. I feel lucky to be successful in this field and keep working to make a bigger name for myself.

5. Any projects very close to your heart?

There were these two destination weddings in Patiala and Kurukshetra. I met some Bollywood stars and I was really happy at that moment. And those projects are really memorable and close to heart for me.

6. What do you do to enhance your photography skills?

Every year big companies like Canon and Nikon, arrange workshops for photographers and I always take time to attend those seminars to grow my knowledge as well as enhance my skills.

7. How much do you earn via photography ?

I don’t keep the count in terms of a year or month. But with one wedding season that is from August to March, I earn about 8-10 lakhs.

8. What kind of camera gear do you have?

I have two camera gears. One consists of a Canon 6D with all the necessary lenses like 50mm, prime lens, etc.

9. Did you ever feel that photography is not your cup of tea?

No. This is the only thought that never ever crossed my mind. To taste success, one has to taste failure & discomfort first – this has always been my life motto.

10. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’m popular enough in Punjab but I want to shoot outside my city and grow my business more. I want people to know my name as one of the best photographers.

For the information of the readers, Jatinder is a Professional Storyteller. Instead of using words, he tells stories through his photographs. He feels Photography is the most natural way to express his desire to capture small details and magic moments, like the ones during weddings. He believes in big smiles, hugs and the amazing sparkling looks newlyweds have few moments after the ceremony ends.

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  1. Davinder Sharma 9 September, 2020 at 23:22 Reply

    Jatinder is an absolute master of his work. As from my personal experience, he really knows the way to play with colours through his lens. 😊

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