Ranchi lad Anmol Deep unveils young mind’s vision on cinematography

Anmol Deep from Unfold Craft on Bluetook Magazine Interview cover

Anmol believes that cinematography has an unlimited scope for a professional who is good at his work. While talking about his own creative journey, the young man gives smart tips to those aspiring to enter into the field.

Find out more as you read his exclusive interview

1.Tell us about your schooling/ education?

I completed my matriculation from DAV Public School in Jharkhand’s Ranchi. I then finished my Class 12 in science stream (non-medical) from Oxford Public School here. Following this, I moved to Jaipur, Rajasthan, to pursue graduation and masters in animation and multimedia from Birla Institute of Technology.

2.Why did you make a shift from science stream to the creative field of animation?

Since childhood, I had been inclined to creativity. As a kid also, I was very fond of cartoon designing and animation, but had no clue on how I could take it up professionally. However, when I grew up and it was the time to choose a career, I was sure about choosing the creative field.

3 .How and when did you start working?

After I joined college, I started working a freelancer to satisfy my desire to work in the field. Those projects helped me gain a lot of knowledge and experience. Finally, in 2016, I came across Aakar Art Group- A group of contemporary artists, based in Ajmer, Rajasthan. On the occasion of the group’s silver anniversary, I got an opportunity to film a documentary that ultimately did receive a lot of appreciation

4.What does your work entail?

As I am the director of my company UNFOLD CRAFTS and my role involves works such as pre-planning, pre-production, scripting, story board making, editing, content and visual designing.

I also take care of animation and typography in all the projects.

5.How did you choose this field?

As I said, I was interested in the field since early on. I always felt that if I do what I love, I will do it very well. About choosing animation and multimedia specifically, I knew the field had a great scope and was bound to flourish in all other sectors and also beyond

6.Who is your inspiration?

My teacher Laxayapal Singh Rathore, who is the founding member of Aakar Art Group and is based in Ajmer, is my inspiration. He is an artist and a motivator who has a unique vision of all arts.  

7.What makes good cinematography?

A good cinematography is the one in which the viewer understands the entire story or gets the real essence of it just by looking at the visuals.

8.Main skill you have acquired ?

My direction has becomes really strong. I am very good at visualizing a story and giving it an artistic direction.

9.Major challenge in your work?

There is no other challenge than making every project different from the previous ones. It’s takes a lot of time and effort to add newness to every project. Also, there accompanies a fear that the audience might not like the new concept, which makes work more difficult.

10.Advice for aspiring cinematographers?

Youngsters aspiring to enter into the field must not rely on bookish knowledge alone. They should focus on getting practical knowledge and enhancing their skills. Books undoubtedly teach you a lot but they can never polish you in ways your experiences can

11.What is the scope of cinematography ?

Oh, the scope is simply unlimited. There is no stopping for a professional who works good and delivers quality projects

12.How does your day look like?

My day’s plan depends on the projects at hand. No day is fixed, not even the location of working.

11.Projects that are dear to you?

There are two projects close to my heart. One is of Aakar Art Group that I have shared already. The other one is a documentary on Jaipur’s Kathputli Nagar. These projects got me recognition in true sense. Also, they are special because they were shot at a time when I had no equipment but only a mobile to follow my passion.

12.Dreams for future?

I have this dream to take my venture Unfold Craft to a level that it becomes a household name. Anyone looking for any digital services should think of no other platform but this. Meanwhile, as I also promote artists who are talented but have no means to showcase their work to the world, my aim is to provide better opportunities and platforms to these innovative souls, which will help they grow

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  1. Chetna kumari 24 April, 2020 at 03:03 Reply

    Anmol deep’s dedication and devotion towards his work makes him an immense source of inspiration.Its makes me feel so blessed that i know this guy.Wish u all the best for your upcoming projects.

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