Magic happens when an IIT engineer picks up the professional camera – Apratim’s Story


Precision and perfection is what this 28-year-old from Gurugram believes in when it comes to photography. In the industry for five years now, Apratim is known for his offbeat and creative shots

In conversation with Team Bluetook

1 . What/ when was your first introduction to photography?

I was introduced to photography when I was pursuing my dual degree at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal. During the second year, I was made the photo secretary of the hostel and covered all social, cultural and technical events of the college. Eventually, after graduation, I took up a two-month course to learn photography. This is how it all started. 

2. What is a good photo according to you?

A good photo is the one that has all the elements such a lighting and composition in a proper ratio.

A good photograph has a “wow” factor to itself that makes it different from all others photos.

3 .Your first project?

I got my first project in 2016 when I had to capture a client’s wedding event. Of all the photographs, the bride’s aerial shot from that wedding has been the most appreciated. In fact, it is still one of the most popular shots I have taken till date.

4. Do you have the vision of the picture you are going to take?

Yes! Most of the times I do visualize the photographs that I want to take. 70% of the times, my mind carefully plans the shot I am aiming for. While for the 30% times, I go for candid photos. 

5. When in life did you realize you wanted to be a photographer?

Photography is my passion and not a full-time career. Though I have always been serious about photography, my liking got towards it became intense when social media came into play. The power of social media gave me the confidence to take my passion to the next level. 

6. Do you like getting your own pictures clicked?

Of course, I do. But, I don’t get it clicked because people around me do not know how to take a good picture.

They end up clicking blured photos 🙂

7. Did you make any sacrifices to be where you are now?

Not really. But I had to sacrifice my DSLR lens once while shooting a wedding, soon after which my new lens (Nikkor 24-120mm) was also stolen. It was a huge loss back then. Following  this, I had to shift to budget lens (50mm f/1.8) to cover events, which eventually became my USP and even won me awards.

8. Was there any uncertainty you won’t be successful in this career?

No. I was pretty confident that I would do good as a photographer. At Delhi College of Photography, I had learnt the art and honed my skills. I knew I will be successful and was always choosy when it came to selecting projects.

9. Any back up plan?

My idea of profession is to do things which use my vision and creativity to create products. As long as a work sticks to this principle, I keep doing it. I am not bound by any particular field, but creativity. I flow with the flow of life and have no back up plans.

10. What is your genre in photography?

I have worked in all genres, including product, fashion and wedding photography. However, I am yet to try my hands at the wildlife photography.

11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years from now, I see myself as a more stable person, personally and professionally. Right now, I am in a stage of learning. A few years down the line, I think all my manual works will be automated and my entire focus will only be on the projects involving creativity.

12. What is your advice for the aspiring photographer?

Invest time practicing the art, attend workshops and photo-walks, be active on social media photography. Remember, gears are only tools, it’s your vision and creativity that make you a good photographer.

For the information of the readers, Apratim has won two competitions in the wedding genre —‘Creative Wedding Photography’ and ‘Photo of the year 2016’— both organized by the World Photographers Club. Both his winning images were captured by a kit lens (18-55mm), which comes bundled with the DSLR. 

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