Automobile engineer to a fashion photographer- Anindya is shaping smiles.

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Anindya Banerjee is a Pheonix who creates art with his lens, has an eye to capture gorgeous details, and a heart full of love towards photography. His portraits have true simplicity that is clearly visible in them. He dreams of his name to be at the top and he works for it while living each moment of his journey. Know more about him in this exclusive Buetook magazine interview!

1. How did you enter into the photography line?

Ever since I was a little child, I loved photography although, later on in life I did my masters in engineering. My love for photography did not vanish even after I started working in a company. A friend of mine took me to a shoot where I saw all the equipment that is used while doing a photoshoot and my love for photography took birth again, it was then, that I decided I had to learn photography professionally. I went to Digi photography to do a professional photography course. Since then, I have been improving my photography skills day by day.

2. What is your favorite genre of photography?

My favorite genre would be of fashion and travel photography. Fashion photography is one of my favorites because of the glamour that is portrayed in different styles, on the other hand, travel photography has been my dream since I was a kid. Travelling and photography are my two best-loved things to do. To do both of them together and portray the beauty my country holds is a true pleasure. Manali and Ladakh are the best travel photoshoots of mine.

3.  Tell us about your first commercial photography shoot?

I gave a kick start to my career as a professional photographer with my friend. At first, I did not charge much as I was new in this field but later on, when I gathered up confidence in my photography skills I started charging reasonable amounts. The efforts that photographers put into their work were not truly appreciated back then but this motivated me and my hunger to prove my photography skills kept on increasing.

4. Who do you think would be your idol?

There are many photographers that I draw my inspiration from like Manny Librodo, Rudro Mondal, and Alex Millar. Sir Rudro is the one that taught me photography and the respect that I have in my heart for him is beyond measure. Manny Librodo has always inspired me as we share the same style of photography: fashion portraits. I absolutely love and follow their work and try to improve myself by putting more and more creativity into my work.

5. Do you have any other interests apart from photography?

Back when I was a college student, I learned how to play guitar on my own. Youtube was the best teacher that I had in that field,  where I saw so many creative minds that learning from them became a true blessing for me. Learning a new skill like the guitar was a bit hard at first but just like my skill of photography I practiced and focused on getting better and better at it each day.

6. How has the lockdown period impacted your business?

The times have turned so unbelievably that not just artists but each profession has been impacted negatively. My orders have also been affected, the major loss is being in the category of wedding photography. All events that used to be held at a bigger level canceled because of the risk and that also turned out to be a reason for less client approach.

7. Is there a dream place that you would like to visit while traveling with a camera?

There are a few places in India that contain eternal beauty. My picks would be Arunachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, and the Maldives. Although I have been to Rajasthan before I loved the environment that it provides, I really like capturing candid portraits and there is no one better than Rajasthani people as my models for it.

8. What are the genres that you commercially deal with?

I majorly deal with fashion, and wedding photography but I have developed myself enough that I would love to try other genres like product photography and many more. I have not yet had any orders for product photography but as per my abilities and experience, I am sure that I would create magnificent work in this genre.

9. Do you prefer working as a freelancer or do you own a workplace?

I decided to have my own studio constructed and my studio was almost done but because of the lockdown period, the work has stopped. I have always thought of having a studio as a dream because of the passion that I have for photography.

10. Five years from now, where do you see yourself?

No doubt that every artist wants to see his/her name on the top, I wish for the same but before I reach the top I want to enjoy where I am right now and live my passion. Five years from now, when I look back I want to have no regrets and remember each beautiful phase of my journey where I was successful in bringing smiles to people’s faces.

For the information of the readers, Anindya holds a diploma degree in commercial photography. He loves to adopt the new trends of photography and always pushes his boundaries to learn new things. Searching for an artist with perfection in fashion portraits? You have come to the correct profile!

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