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We now live in the internet-dominated world, which is filled with manipulated reviews, auto-generated likes and SEO pushed suppliers.  As artists, it has become increasingly challenging to present a comprehensive professional portfolio that can stand out from the rest.

To showcase a comprehensive body of work and portfolios, a freelance photographer, cinematographer, makeup artist or Models commonly uses Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites.  Surely, there are multitudes of talent posted online. But why likes and Comments do not result and proportional Business?

professional portfolio

Imagine your prospective client browsing through your Facebook albums and almost coming to a decision to hire you or even contact you to ask for rates.  Then all of a sudden. a message or friend’s post distracts them and they click away from your page – forever!  

It will take a long time for a dedicated prospect to find the perfect professional as well, as there is no comprehensive listing of artists in photography/videography-related professionals that they can scan easily.  LinkedIn provided a platform for corporations of all industries to create Business Profiles but it lumps all businesses together and lacks all the equipment which an artist needs.

professional portfolio

Bluetook was conceptualized because of the need for a dedicated online platform for artists.  It is on this platform that your pictures and videos speak more than texts.  Here the ways that Bluetook helps photographers, cinematographers, models and makeup artists:

  1. One-Click Business Portfolio

Pictures speak more than words for an Artist. Here members can create a professional one-pager which talks about their professional work in artistic formats.  This is shareable to clients and is a comprehensive hook to draw prospects to come and browse your professional portfolio. It has super-easy filters that work wonders in arranging portfolios with just one click and no page refreshing required when browsing.

2. Professionalized Introduction

A comprehensive “About Me” section for members which includes a video format where you can upload a self-introductory video.  This creates trust and confidence in clients and leads to better closure rates.

professional portfolio

3. Chat Option 

The client and after looking at your profile can do an inquiry or chat and book your services a, all in one go. It helps in addressing & resolving all the queries of customers in real-time. Moreover, Artists Can use the Platform as an Online Assistant to schedule work, analyze Sales funnel, etc. 

4. Easy Social Share 

The portfolio as a whole or an individual picture can be shared on multiple Social Media Platforms simultaneously for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in one Go. This encourages the clients to look at the portfolio as a whole with all information and increases the chances of artists to get hired. It increases visibility & increases the chances of getting hired tremendously.

5. Online Calendar

Artists can create their own personalized online Calendar and update their availability.  This helps them, filter clients, by their availability. A busier calendar will also give a good impression that an artist has a trust level due to the number of bookings they have.

6. Analytics

The artists can get analytics on who visited their profile and views on the pictures which can determine client segmentation. Bluetook’s Engine will do assessment & analysis based on the available data & will suggest measures for an artist to take which will further increase bookings and revenue.

professional portfolio

7. Focus on the Pictures, not comments and likes 

The comments are not active for the pictures deliberately as we want the client to have his undivided attention rather than get distracted by the comments.  We let the images do the talking.

8. Professional Delivery System

The days of USB and disks are gone.  Through Bluetook, you can impress your clients with a professional delivery system. Simply upload the shoot in the private portal. The photographer can create a dedicated gallery for his client with his cover page and share the secure link.

9. Networking

Bluetook – Connects Artistically. Photographers can connect with other photographers, makeup stylists, models and so on across cities and build a network to take larger assignments / learn and mentor, conduct workshops. Collaboration with other artists having different skill sets make for mutual & collective benefits within the community.

professional portfolio

10. Recommendations

Clients can check the experience of the Artists, read the work recommendations and endorsements of their friends and previous clients along with the work which has been delivered.

With Bluetook, the customer’s complete experience and the journey are reduced from days to a few clicks. It is definitely worth it to be a part of this fast-growing online community of artists and professionals connected to the photography, cinematography, Editing, Modeling and makeup and styling world. Bluetook fills in the need for the perfect online platform for the Artistic community.

professional portfolio

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