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“If you want something you’ve never had, then you have to do something you’ve never done” – is a quote this ambitious team from Agartala is familiar with. Souvam - creative cinematographer, believes in not just sticking to his profession and providing the best outcomes to his clients, but believes in trying out new things and challenging himself with the unknown. He has worked at accumulating his experience by facing each challenge that came his way. Tough competitors and challenging clients have only enabled his team to do their best and win every single time.

1. The Créatif lab ,Wedding Stories, Taotok tv – What’s the story behind all three?

The Créatif lab is a creative agency which works on design and media production. Creatif lab handles everything from advertisements, videos, music videos, any kind of video production to logo designing and branding and has a more corporate reach.

I am the founder of Taotok TV which is my YouTube channel based on my Bboy name Taotok and I am a Travel filmmaker.

“Wedding Stories” was launched as part of the Creatif lab and is led by our co-founder  Souradeep Rakshit. Almost all our videos on Wedding Stories are emotion packed and chronicle special moments in the lives of the newly married couples and their families. 

2. What is the current reach of the agency?

So far, we have only tapped the Indian market. We have worked with clients based out of Delhi Arunachal, Guwahati, and Agartala. Souradeep’s in-depth knowledge and interest in photography has brought us wedding clients from Tripura  and  a few overseas projects have been handled by Co-founder Sahor Debbarma. Some of our more recent projects include, working with Gail India pvt from Tripura and Urban Monkey from Mumbai.

I have experienced a variety of standards of work while travelling and this has inspired me to create Creatif lab to ensure that I provide something unique to my clients that is part of the industry standard.

the wedding stories
the wedding stories
3.Dancing, Filmmaking, Photography, – Which one is your favorite?
I’ve worked at keeping my life interesting. First I was introduced to dancing. I have a crew based in Delhi called the Tribes Collision Squad which is currently led by Bboy Electro during which my interest in film-making grew in time.  Along with all these I have been into the night event management team as well which organized parties and events in Delhi. However, I have realized that there has to be a difference between a hobby, a passion, and a goal, and the last I would define as something you can make a future out of. 
In this context, I would say, my passion is filmmaking, and dancing is my hobby more like a medium to free myself from when I’m either not mindful or when I want to get creative. It’s my creative escape
4.What do you do when you are not dancing, when you are not shooting and when you are not editing?
When I’m not dancing, shooting or editing, I am watching movies. I like to understand how things work, so I watch documentaries and award-winning movies made by good directors. Every director has a different perspective and I try to identify and understand this.
Behind the scenes, films or clips streamed on YouTube or Netflix are my current favorite. When I am watching a movie, I focus 20% on the story itself and more than 80% on the process of how that is made. Apart from this, I like to read books and listen to music.
5. Your secret to creating a sales funnel?

Well, most of our sales funnel is online and referrals both different collaboratives kind of compliment each other. Clients coming in for advertising and marketing projects also prefer us for their weddings as they are already aware of the kind of service that we ensure and it goes vice-versa.

We have carved out our niche in the market and this has helped the bottom line. Branding activities and Social Media helps us channel our creativity and makes us exclusive.

6. Quality – How do you explain this to clients 
“Vision beyond the reels”- that’s our vision. We want our videos to make an impact for our clients and handle their pain points. Because we know that videos can be a great tool to improve your business. It’s not about just selling videos; we identify the pain points and create a reel with vision that will help the client in future. For Creatif Lab – we believe our services should benefit the client to help them, not just by creating videos but actually target and execute the pain points. For Wedding Stories we believe in creating handcrafted moments that the clients will get to reminisce over for the rest of their life.
7. Preferred Travel destinations – locally and internationally? Why?

When I feel like I need a little more from life, I travel. Every trip has been a journey of self-discovery and has helped me connect with every destination.

I like to explore and every place has its unique story. My preferred destination locally would always be Mumbai. I have grown up watching a competition called RedBull BC One, so when I started b-boying competitively, I wished to be at the stage for that event – as a participant or spectator. This wish came true in 2015, when Mumbai hosted the RBBC1 – India qualifiers and eventually the world finals in 2019. The venue in Mumbai and talent witnessed at these events includes some of the finest in the world and the experience has always been exhilarating for me. 

Internationally, Bangkok is my preferred choice as it was my first international travel for another dream competition, Battle of the Year. This experience was breath-taking as I got to witness some crazy talent from all around the globe in one place.

8.  Impact of COVID on business?

At the end of the day, the Creatif lab is an agency and it is important to be able to go out and meet clients. The pandemic has restricted movement and limited our creativity and although we have been in the first year of set up, we have managed to survive and this gives me hope. We are active today and we are working at making our company a success. 

As a team we meet when there is something of importance to be discussed, but at other times we operate as WFH (Work From Home) for the safety of all our members and facilitate the pending projects. 

When we have to work on advertising projects, we expect the clients to procure the requisite permissions so we can ‘shoot at location’. However, in cases where the permissions have not been granted, we have created digital projects. In these trying times, I will confess that I do miss exploring and the normal operations.

travel photography Thailand
9. Creative things you do staying at home during lockdown 

The pandemic has forced us to upskill and WFH and this has given us the opportunity to get creative at home, fine-tuning our mock-up advertising skills. We have created mock-up ads for CocaCola, Titan and G-shock. We shoot together and edit individually to understand our varied editing talents and techniques. 

Although we don’t get to go out as much as we need to, we are using the lockdowns to our advantage.

10. Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

As of now, I want to build a community with my agency for all the filmmakers based out of the Northeast. I would love to host events like digital festivals where individuals with a passion for filmmaking get exposed to the art of filmmaking and something similar in the other fields of creativity as well. Its important to host all the fields under a single roof to promote inter-disciplinary learning and support. Personally, there are many things I would like to achieve, like I would love to make a short film or a feature film. I want my agency to win awards and accolades and be recognised. I want to assist or be a part of projects to understand the process of creating films and later direct my own projects.

creative photography
creative photography

For the information of the readers, Being extremely customer-oriented, taotaktv remain flexible with the various needs and requests of their clients, that’s why taotaktv has an unique system that is efficient to cover any event. Capturing moments that matter. Whether it’s the classic elegance of a wedding shoot or any other important commercial milestone. Their goal is to change the perspective of wedding videos;  how they are created; what they contain and taotaktv started this movement from Tripura. 

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