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Bluetook – A Journey Through A Photographer’s Lens

The last ten years showed that Photography has evolved by leaps and bounds.  There used to be a time when a Photographer was needed only to capture life’s special events and milestones.  It was a good profession chosen by many because it earned enough, but it was never an option open to many and there weren’t many lensmen with exceptional careers.  


Yes, there were the privileged few who engaged in photography as a hobby, a passion or artistry.  But the word “privileged” is attached as taking quality pictures entailed a hefty expense to be just a non-income generating pastime.  You had to have enough resources to purchase equipment and process your shots into prints.

Meet the New Age Photographers

new age photographer

In recent years, we have seen a surge of a new breed of freelance photographers and cinematographers who capture images of life for the sake of passion rather than just a profession. Thanks to the availability of a wide range of affordable cameras and photography equipment, many silent film aficionados have stepped out to actualize their passion.  

The process has now reversed.  It used to be people getting into photography as a job to earn money.  Now, many camera lovers are finding that their skills can be a lucrative endeavor. They engaged in freelance photography or cinematography as a passion that they develop unique skills that allow them to make it into a profession.

new age photographer

Great photographers make still pictures talk.  The same subject, when captured by different lensmen can tell different stories. They are commonly called candid photographers but in reality, they must be dubbed as photographic artists.  

These types of freelance photographers can take a conventional occasion and cover it so uniquely that a still picture becomes cinematic speaking silent dialogues and telling quiet stories through the artistic photographer’s lens.  These professionals transform the coverage of life’s memories like weddings, portraits, fashion, newborns, debuts.  

Gone are the days of stiff poses and forced smiles.  Photography has shifted to natural settings, candid and tender moments, and meaningful photograph sequences.

new age photographer

As there are many genres of music, so are there ways of capturing a picture and telling the subject’s story. And surprisingly enough, despite the proliferation of photography-capable gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and drones – the demand for great pictures has increased! Now, clients want to avail of the unique abilities of the great pool of talent all over the globe.  Social media and the internet have whetted the desire of people wanting their lives and memories captured. So, if a photography hobbyist has a distinct flair in taking pictures, how does he showcase his work to his potential clients?

Bluetook – Showcasing the Artistic Photographers

new age photographer

Each artistic or candid photographer adopts a unique personal style in interpreting life through pictures.  These out-of-the-box treatments of photography subjects are endless and lensmen continue to develop their skills so that their pictures stand out from the rest. Yet, there is no absolute avenue where people can go and peruse photography artists’ work through galleries and find the perfect person to capture their memories.  

new age photographer

Bluetook was born because of this need. The growing number of Artistic/candid / freelance Photographers need an avenue to display their work to the world.  The Bluetook platform is the melting pot for individuals whose lives revolve around the camera.  The Artistic Photographer, being a major part of these artisans, can display his unique photography skills and point of view through the Bluetook platform. 

Through merging works and opportunities, Bluetook aims to create opportunities for the lens artist with the ultimate goal of propagating photography as a lucrative passion that can be accessed both by the pool of talented photography artists and the market.  It is a venue to showcase original photographic works of art as well as a site to meet like-minded people.  

Bluetook aims to be the launching pad of the future successful careers of the candid photographer.  Already, social media has laid down the path for the photography hobbyist to have glowing portfolios and high income. Bluetook takes this social media cue and curates the most impressive lens artisans so anyone looking for photography to be done will find what they need in the site.

Life and memories, when portrayed beautifully through the artistic eyes of the camera are more meaningful through the talent of a candid photographer – that is what everyone can expect browsing through Bluetook.  We take photography one step further by bringing the artist and client together.

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