“Fitness Photography is my calling” says Delhi based Varun Tyagi


27-year-old Varun Tyagi, the best fitness photographer as claimed by FitnessGuru magazine, talks about his passion, journey and much more

In conversation with Team Bluetook

1. What/ when was your first introduction to photography?

 It was in 2013 when I joined Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies, New Delhi, to pursue graduation in mass communication. In that course, there was a complete subject on photography and that was my first introduction to the world of awe, that is photography

2. What is a good photo according to you?

 A good photo is the one that captures ones attention. Technically speaking, a shot that is balanced and well composed is good.

3. Your first project?

I got my first project when I was in the third year of graduation. My friend got a body builder home for a photo shoot. I photographed him and earned rupees 2,000, my first salary.

4. Do you have the vision of the picture you are going to take?

 Yes, I visualize how my click would be. With so many years of practice, it comes naturally. At times, I plan my shots a day prior to a photo shoot while at other times visualization is done on the spot depending on models, location and other factors.

5. When in life did you realize you wanted to be a photographer?

As I started learning about photography during college, I found myself getting more and more intrigued by it. I then started doing it practically. I used to take part in inter-college fests and college events, which sparked my interest in the art even more. Ultimately, I realized that photography was my calling.

6. Do you like getting your own pictures clicked?

 Yes, certainly! But, I don’t really get time to get myself clicked. Sometimes, my photographer friends do capture me and I love it.

7. Did you make any sacrifices to be where you are now?

 Yes, there is always a risk of choosing an unconventional career such as fitness photography over a highly paid stable job. Earlier, it was difficult to make people understand about this career choice, but now, they have become more aware and relate to it. Things have become easier. I am glad my parents were very supportive as I ventured into this new field.

8. Was there any uncertainty you won’t be successful in this career?

Earlier, yes! There was a lot of uncertainty as this is not a conventional career choice, like I mentioned before. In the first four years of my work life, I had second thoughts many a times when I felt I should reconsider my decision. It was in 2017, I was firm and clear about making fitness photography my full time profession and I definitely don’t regret it.

9. Any back up plan?

My back up plan would be to become a musician or a youth motivator. Besides fitness, I have always been inclined to music and have also recorded a song. About motivating youngsters, I think it is important to educate and encourage young blood about maintaining good health and a quality life. I am connected with the youth on social media sites such as Instagram and Youtube where I guide them about the same and help them find their path to success.

10.When did you realize you passion could be your career?

 After graduation, I joined post graduate diploma in photography at Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi, but later dropped out of the university as I was not very satisfied. I then tried my hands at other things. I did a two-month internship from Hindustan Times, Delhi, served a stint in Doordarshan and also started a news entertainment portal. After nothing really worked out, I found my homecoming in photography.

11. Why did you choose this genre?

 I was always intrigued by fitness and photography. I simply clubbed the two. I wanted to do something different from the rest of the photographers. I researched about my idea, got my perspective clear and was convinced to pursue it as a profession. Fitness photography has a lot of scope and market. Unlike, earlier times, photographers today are making a shift and taking the challenge of tapping the full potential of this unexplored territory.

 12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I am claimed to be the best fitness photographer in India and in five years I will be here at this spot only. (laughs) However, I see many photographers joining the club in next few years.

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