7 Years without a camera; Sagar has made his own mark

Artography by Sagar

Can you imagine shooting professionally without owning a camera for 7 years ? Meet Sagar, a boy from the "city of dreams", Mumbai. An IT professional who didn’t take up a high paying job rather opted for an artistic profession , today owns his own production theme. Check out this exclusive interview of Sagar Mindhe aka Artography productions with Bluetook magazine.

1. Artography the name sounds very interesting, what’s the history behind it ?

When I ventured into photography ,there were a lot of names going on in my mind, but I always wanted a catchy name. I am a person who strongly believes that art is everywhere, photography cannot exist without adding artistic view to it, and that is how, art plus photography ‘Artography’ was born.

2. How did your career start with Photography   ?

It is just like the 3 idiots movie theme 🙂 ..  I’m an IT guy, a graduate in Professional Studies. Filmmaking was a decision I took two days before joining my first job where I got placed with a very good package but it was ticking in my mind that I wanted to do something in the field of art. I took a bold step of taking up photography, even without a camera and that is how the journey started

Artography by Sagar
Artography by Sagar
3. Your journey so far?

When I decided to choose photography, I just had passion. I started with an internship and initially used to cover page 3 parties, music bands, restaurants, stunt manias, etc. After that  I did a one year course on filmmaking in Mumbai, which gave a boost to my career. Overall I just love the experiences that I have gained during these years and I wish to learn more. One thing everyone should keep in their mind that people might quit on you, but you need to make sure that you don’t quit on yourself.

4. Does your experience in film-making help you in conducting photoshoots?

When you are making a film, there is a story, there is a concept behind it. You can totally feel the emotions. But when it comes to photography, it is a single frame. It is challenging as well as very interesting to make a single picture speak a thousand words, and that is where my  experience of film-making comes into picture. I try my best to put everything in frame to depict the idea of the picture. A photograph’s job is to make the picture speak for itself. 

Artography by Sagar
5. You do all genres of photography, which one is your favorite ?

I have done almost all kinds of photoshoots but the one that I enjoy doing the most is wedding photography. A wedding is an atmosphere where everything comes naturally, it’s so relaxing to capture the moments that are candid. People are enjoying themselves, they are in their comfort zones, everything is at ease. The family-kind of vibe is also a major reason for my love for wedding photography.  

6. You are a part of an industry which holds a tremendous amount of competition.  At times, do you feel a sense of insecurity from your fellow beings? 

When you say there is competition, there are also an equal amount of opportunities. If you have the caliber, you would be picked up. It happens a lot, that my ideas and concepts are filched by other people and that makes me feel I am inspiring them. If you trust yourself and your talent, then insecurities are just a myth.   

7. You have a decent following on Instagram. How did you reach there ?

All organic . I’m not much into social media. I do not depend on social media much. I mean that is not something which I show to my clients to get work. I feel fortunate that I don’t have an obsession for Instagram. Throughout my career I have clicked thousands of pictures but I post very rarely over instagram.  

8. What does sagar do when he is not shooting professionally ?

I love travelling and travel photography. I am also a typical foodie I love going to places, trying their traditional recipes. And all that goes in coordination with my full time job, that is photography.

Artography by Sagar
Artography by Sagar
9. What are your future plans?

I want to see Artography as a brand. From magazine to merchandise, everything. I am working over it, I am talking to celebrities, models for collaboration. Its under process, hope it gets materialized soon. 

10. Any advice for budding photographers?

What I am today is due to hard work and passion. Follow your passion and don’t lose hope and keep  on looking for opportunities. When all my classmates were doing well , my mom used to advise me to get into the IT sector, but I never gave up on my passion, that was my driving force. 


Artography by Sagar

For the information of the readers, being extremely task-oriented, Artography Productions shoot with keeping in mind what is the outcome expected from the pictures .The shoot for any theme based advertisement portfolio will be very different from a traditional model portfolio shoot.Whether it’s the classic elegance of a couple shoot or any other important milestone, their goal is to provide stunning, timeless pictures that you will treasure for a lifetime.

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