5 Reasons Why Models Need a Professional Platform


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The modeling industry has always been competitive to the point of being cutthroat.  However, the industry has also expanded. Both photography and videography, which had not been very lucrative have already become a trend.

Many businesses, services, brands, and even personalities engage models.  These include not only the big-name companies but start-ups, local enterprises, and even personalities like motivational speakers who have been needing professional models to appear in a conceptual advertising photography ad or video they require. 

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The basic method employed is to go through a casting agent who goes through the roster of models in his care and recommending them to the establishment needing a model.  This limits the options of the entity needing a model and, of course, only a limited number of models will be able to even attend a go-see for any job.

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We at Bluetook have taken this factor into serious consideration.  When the “supply and demand” for modeling talent is restricted to a privileged few, there is limited room for proper representation and jobs. 

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Here are the main reasons why models should have a professional platform for business:

  1. Equal Opportunity to be Seen by Prospective Employers

Many models have to be in a “stable” of talents of a well-connected agent, a reliable and professional platform can allow models of different levels of experience the exposure needed so that they can be recruited for assignments.

2. Bring to the Forefront the Individual Artistry and Uniqueness of the Model

In this age of inclusivity and diversity, many brands now are expanding the look of the models they hire to represent them in their campaigns.  The photoshoot portfolios of models from different walks of life, cultures, capabilities, and ethnicities made available on a business platform will allow the industry to expand the choices and explore possibilities of out-of-the-box hiring.

3. A Personal Venue to Showcase Work Portfolios

A fashion model may or may not have the experience to back them up yet.   A professional platform with a One-Click Portfolio will allow them to be seen by without having to spend or enlist in an agent. The Professional Online Portfolio takes the representation of a Model leaps forward than what a Social Media profile or just a few images shared on Whatsapp can do.

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4. Facilitate Hiring/Applications

Without having to go through a middleman, entities needing models can do away with limited choices and direct hire.  Agencies can likewise save on having to scour areas for new talents. Individuals who would like to break into the modeling industry could likewise save on traveling expenses and be qualified first by the portfolio they have presented.

5. Creating a Professional Business Network

When a verified platform is set, a community of professionals can be created that aims to give support and opportunity to models.  This also extends to designers, make-up specialists, photographers, film editors and other creators who seek the service of models.  It can be through this that meaningful collaborations can be set – instruction and advice, business contacts, referrals, and reviews.  It contributes to the elevation of the professionalism of the industry.

With Bluetook, we have taken a serious look into how models can flourish and nurture their talents.  The real artistry in modeling is a serious matter as the world has evolved to include so many diverse personalities.  Bluetook affords all real and serious artists the opportunity to present what they can offer, globally. 



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